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Nissan NV3500 HD Review-Why It’s Perfect For Families With Kids


Looking for the perfect family vehicle? If so, Nissan has found the perfect answer. The NV3500 HD is a passenger van that comes equipped with many modern luxuries, such as leather seats and an automatic backup camera. With this truck you can now feel confident that you’re taking your family somewhere they’ll enjoy while still being comfortable. Read more on our blog to learn more about this vehicle and its features!

What is the Nissan NV3500 HD?

The Nissan NV3500 HD is a popular truck for families with children. The truck has a 6.0-liter V8 engine that makes it powerful and capable of handling towing and snow. It also has a comfortable, ergonomic interior and air conditioning for hot climates.

Why is this van perfect for a family?

The Nissan NV3500 HD is the perfect van for families. It has a high roof height, which will allow you to keep your children’s car seats in their original position. In addition, it has a wide opening that will make it easier to get your kids in and out of the van.

Pros and Cons of the Nissan NV3500 HD

The Nissan NV3500 HD is a heavy duty truck that has a lot of great features. You can tow up to 12,500 pounds and get fuel efficiency in the 18/24 mpg range (depending on how you drive). It has an extended wheelbase for a lot more rear leg room and also includes front and rear air conditioning. The downside is that it has been discontinued from Nissan in 2022.


What you need to know about a Nissan NV3500 HD

The Nissan NV3500 HD is a heavy duty truck that can handle any type of terrain. It has a variety of safety features including antilock braking and stability control. The interior is designed to keep passengers safe. For example, the seats are constructed with energy-absorbing foam and the seatbelts are anchored to the floor for better protection. This vehicle also has an anti-skid system for improved stability.


The price of this truck is reasonable. It actually costs less than some of its competitors. The insurance rates are also reasonable, costing less than the average car.


This truck is an extended cab with four doors and a seating capacity of 5. There are two rows of seats. The back row can be outfitted with captain’s chairs or a bench seat, giving more options for your needs. With the seat cushions removed, you’ll have room to haul cargo that’s up to 8 ft long. There is also plenty of storage space for luggage inside the cabin, as well as under the hood.

Safety Features

It’s always important to think about safety when choosing a car. The Nissan NV3500 HD has multiple safety features that will protect your family’s life, starting with the 5-star overall crash test rating. The driver’s seat is designed to dissipate energy in an accident, which will help keep your family safe. The rearview camera and parking guidance system will be immensely helpful for backing up and parking the vehicle.


I really enjoyed reviewing the Nissan NV3500 HD for this blog. It is a very impressive truck with an exterior that I am impressed by. One of the most interesting features is the V-8 engine, which provides plenty of power and handles any terrain with ease. There are also lots of safety features including a tire pressure monitoring system, airbags, stability control, air conditioning, and more. It’s hard to find a negative in this vehicle!

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