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Passenger Van Rental – Before and After Checklist


If you’re new to Passenger Vehicles rental and have heard their advantages over a lowly 6, then this article has your name on it. We cover 12 points for comparison that will help you confidently choose which van is best for the needs of your family, work team or scout troop. Well, maybe somebody else should write this for me.

What’s a 10 Passenger Van Rental?

One of the most popular rental vehicles for consumers today is what I call a “10-passenger van rental.” It’s basically a regular van on steroids. So, instead of 6 – 8 seats in this class of service you’ll find mechanisms that fit at least 10 – 12 people and their bags. Today, I’m going to talk about how to go about choosing the best one for your specific needs, so don’t worry–you will still have fun reading this article when you’re done.

10 Passenger Van Rental: 3 Areas to look for

Next to a heavy-duty truck, a 10-passenger van rental is the next most popular vehicle for those with commercial or residential moving needs. However, not all 10-passenger vans are equipped to handle the job.

  • Convenience:

  • When looking for the perfect 10 passenger van for rental, you’ll want to consider if the van is large enough, if it has air conditioning and heating that work during the summer and winter seasons respectively, and if it has a stereo system that supports USB inputs.
  • Seating and Luggage Area:

  • If you need more space than just 10 seats and an overhead luggage bin, another consideration to take into account is what makes the exterior of a step floor instead of an unseen metal grating. One very important aspect to take into account is seating configurations for luggage and passenger occupancy.
  • Rental Van Types:

  • A. Passenger Van –

    •  It can accommodate up to 10 passengers and includes a luggage area in the back, making it ideal for smaller trips, like weddings or day trips
  • Cargo van –

    • It has few seats but can handle longer hauls of cargo and heavier bags that a standard passenger van can’t fit inside its bay.

10 Passenger Vehicles: Must have Rental Checklist

Before Renting Checklist

  1. Is there enough space for the passengers to sit and store their things?
  1. Should I get an international driving permit if I’m planning to drive in Europe?
  1. If you are traveling off-road, you might need to rent a 4WD vehicle instead. Snow chains are recommended for driving in the mountain areas.
  1. If you’re renting a smaller vehicle, you will be able to easily drive it in the city. There only needs to be enough space for everyone.
  1. What children’s car seats are compatible with a 10 passenger van?
  1. Vehicle rental companies often use additional insurance and drivers to upsell. Consider the options carefully, do research, then make your best decision.
  1. Always have a plan before booking the vehicle, like where you want to go, to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  1. When traveling, research the payment mode accepted in the country you are traveling and plan accordingly. You may save on additional charges by planning ahead.
  1. Be sure to take the time that you need when booking a rental car. It can be frustrating if there isn’t enough available time for your reservation.

On Pickup Rental Checklist

  1. Check on which side the fuel cap is to ascertain if it is for petrol or diesel and whether you are filling up with petrol or diesel.
  1. Keep emergency breakdown and customer service numbers on hand. Ask what to do if you lose the key, and have a way to document your agreement.
  1. You must find out the process for returning your vehicle, especially if you don’t do it during regular business hours.
  1. Inspect the vehicle for any damage, and examine the tires.
  1. Before you start driving the car, look at the fuel level and fuel mileage on the dashboard. Ask how much gas needs to be filled up.
  1. Make sure to check that your van has the manual, jack, spare tire, and lug wrench present.
  1. Ensure you are paying attention to the car park lights, mirrors, and windscreen wipers before driving off.
  1. You can find reverse gear in different parts of the car from one to another. You should check before you drive your vehicle to see if you have it.
  1. Preparing for a long drive can take hours. Keep all of your necessities easily accessible in your car like snacks, music, and Sat Nav to make the time spent driving more enjoyable.
  1. When renting a car, there should be penalty-free license plates on it and you will have to keep an eye out for parking lots or meters.

Make sure you complete this before returning the van

  1. Check mileage and petrol levels before returning the passenger van
  1. Review the exterior and interior of the vehicle for any damages, take pictures
  1. Always check the vehicle after a trip to see what you’ve left. You might find something that you accidentally left.

Final Verdict

It’s obvious that you need to make sure a 10-passenger van will be able to carry the number of passengers you need it to. But, there are other things a renter should think about before renting a passenger van. You should check that the van is not too high or low because they might damage the curb.

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