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Best 10 Seater SUVs and vans

1) Ford Expedition EL Price USD $ 48,320

The Ford Expedition EL is a great car to drive for long distances.

2) Nissan NV3500 HD Price USD: $33,800

The NV3500 HD is the perfect vehicle for a family. It can hold up to 12 passengers, has great safety features, and has excellent towing capacity.

3) Chevrolet Express Price USD $31,600

The Chevy Express is a reliable vehicle that you can use to transport your group of friends.

4) Ford Transit Price USD $32,805

The Ford Transit is an incredibly versatile car that can help your business succeed.

5) Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price USD $33,490

We have the perfect vehicle for people who want a family car and a big cargo area. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a good option with many different models to choose from.

6) GMC Savana Price USD $31,490

The GMC Savana is a reliable vehicle that can accommodate many people or a large amount of cargo. The engine creates 285hp or 342hp depending on the type.

7) 2017 Dodge Ram ProMaster Price USD $23,445

The 2017 Ram ProMaster is the perfect 10 seater MPV for hauling passenger and cargo. It has a lot of space, nice interiors, and a powerful engine. This makes it a strong competitor to other vans.

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